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  Title Publisher Year Notes
Anon. Industrial Nitrocellulose ICI 1952  
Anon. Industrial Research and Development CIRA 1973  
Anon. Industrial Review to 1977 NEDO 1973  
Anon. Industrie du Caoutchouc et de la Gutta Percha   1874  
Anon. Injection Moulding RPPITB 1978  
Anon. Institute of the Plastics Industry – Regulations IPI c1945  
Anon. Insulated Wire and Cables Vanderbilt Undated  
Anon. International Plastics Directory Vols I and II. Verlag fur Internationale Wirtschaftsliteratur GmbH 1968/1970  
Anon. International Plastics Handbook Saechtling Hanser Publishers 1983  
Anon. Introducing Melinex ICI Undated  
Anon. Japan Plastics Industry Annual 1975 Plastics Age 1975  
Anon. Kew Bulletin – Rubber HSMO 1906  
Anon. Keynote Report – Packaging (Plastics) Keynote 1988  
Anon. Kunststoff-Taschenbuch Carl Hanser Verlag 1977  
Anon. Kuststoff-Objekte 1860-1960   1984  
Anon. Landmarks of the Plastics Industry 1862 – 1962 ICI 1962  
Anon. Les Hauts Polymeres Thermostables Editions Technip 1970  
Anon. Limits of Plastics uses in Vehicle Construction in the Eighties VDI_Verlag 1981  
Anon. Macromolecular Chemistry – 4 IUPAC 1967  
Anon. Magie einer alltaglichen Materie Kunsthalle Darmstadt 1986  
Anon. Maintenance and care of Pneumatic Tires and Rubber Treads War Department, Washington 1943  
Anon. Makrolon Bayer Undated  
Anon. Man and Material Plastics Macmillan Education Ltd. 1975  
Anon. Materials Data Sources IME 1987  
Anon. Modern Plastics Catalog Directory Breskin and Charlton 1938 O/S
Anon. Modern Plastics Encyclopedia MacGraw-Hill. 1968  
Anon. Modern Plastics Encyclopedia MacGraw-Hill. 1990  
Anon. Molding Technic for Bakelite and Vinylite Plastics Bakelite Corporation 1941  
Anon. New Dictionary of Plastics Metalmeccanica Plast Undated  
Anon. New Trade Names in the Rubber and Plastics Industries 1963 RAPRA 1963  
Anon. New Trade Names in the Rubber and Plastics Industries 1964 RAPRA 1964  
Anon. Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry Butterworths 1958  
Anon. Not From Trees Alone -the story of Synthetic Rubber B.A.S.R.M. 1970  
Anon. One Hundred Years of Vulcanized Rubbers American Chemical Society 1939 O/S
Anon. Our Industry The British Petroleum Company Limited 1958  
Anon. Perspex’ the First Fifty Years 1934-84 ICI 1984  
Anon. Plasticisers Geigy Colour Co. Undated  
Anon. Plastics – an Early Science Reader Albert Witman and Co. 1945  
Anon. Plastics Abstract; Vol. 6 Nos. 1 to 26; Vol. 7 Nos. 18 to 52; Vol. 8 Nos.1 to 52; Vol. 9 Nos. to 52. Plastics Investigations 1964 to 1967  
Anon. Plastics and the Design Engineer PI 1968  
Anon. Plastics and the Environment PI of Australia 1972  
Anon. Plastics Antiques B.I.P. 1977  
Anon. Plastics Antiques Albert Whitman & co. 1945  
Anon. Plastics Development House ICI Undated  
Anon. Plastics Engineering Handbook of the SPI. Reinhold Publishing Corporation 1960  
Anon. Plastics Exhibition B.I.P. 1977  
Anon. Plastics Extrusion Technology RPPITB 1984  
Anon. Plastics Sheet Fabrication B.I.P. 1976  
Anon. Plastics Sheet Fabrication BIP Undated  
Anon. Polycon ’83 – Reactive Processing PRI 1983  
Anon. Polyester Handbook Scott Bader & Co Ltd 1963 2 copies
Anon. Polyester Handbook Scott Bader 1963  
Anon. Polymer Chemistry Experiments. BDH Undated  
Anon. Polymer Science and Engineering National Academic Press 1994  
Anon. Polytopics Nos. 1 to 14 Distillers/BP 1964 et seq  
Anon. Proceedings of the International Rubber Conference IRI 1967  
Anon Progress in Polymer Science Japan, Vols. 1 to 8 John Wiley and Sons, 1971 – 5  
Anon. Prospects for the Plastics Packaging Industry NEDO 1976  
Anon. Reinforced Thermoset Injection International Conference PRI 1984  
Anon. Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Industrial and Commercial Representation. ABCC/CBI 1972  
Anon. Report on Causes of Running Nip Accidents APCRI Undated  
Anon. Reports on Plastics in the Tropics – 15. Protected Polythene HMSO 1962  
Anon. Research Associations: the Changing Pattern CSII 1972  
Anon. Rigidex High Density Polyethylene BRP 1964  
Anon. Rotperl und Cubana Kunststoff-Museums-Verein e.V. 1992  
Anon. Rubber Trade Directory of Great Britain. Maclaren and Sons, Ltd. 1952  
Anon. Rubbercon ‘ 87 PRI 1987  
Anon. Safety in Polyethylene Plants Vol. 2 BIS 1957  
Anon. Safety in the Manufacture and use of Celluloid. International Labour Office 1933  
Anon. Science and the Nation Penguin Books 1947  
Anon. Shell Polyolefins Engineering Design Data Shell 1966  
Anon. Shell Polypropylene Shell Undated  
Anon. Sotheby’s – 20th Century Decorative Arts, Bakelite and other Plastics Southeby’s 1989  
Anon. Specification for Plugs, Socket-outlets and Couplers for Industrial Purposes CEE 1958  
Anon. SPI Accounting Manual for the Plastics Industry. SPI 1961  
Anon. Strategy Options for the Plastics Materials Industry in the UK. N.E.D.O. 1978  
Anon. Strength & Testing of Materials, Part 1 HMSO 1952  
Anon. Structural Adhesives Lange, Maxwell and Springer Ltd 1951  
Anon. Symposium on Plastics ASTM 1944  
Anon. Symposium on Rubber – Delft India rubber Journal 1936  
Anon. Symposium on the Applications of Synthetic Rubbers ASTM 1944  
Anon. Synthetic Rubber IISRP 1973  
Anon. Synthetic Rubber. The story of an industry I.I.S.R.P. Inc. 1973 O/S
Anon. The British Cyanides Co. Ltd. A Description of the New Factory British Cyanides Co. Ltd 1914  
Anon. The British International Plastics Annual Croome Hill International Ltd. 1947  
Anon. The Development of Man-made Fibres The Textile Institute 1952  
Anon. The Elements of Injection Moulding of Thermoplastics PI 1968  
Anon. The German Casein Plastics Industry H.M.S.O. Undated  
Anon. The Hubron Handbook Hubron Rubber Chemicals Ltd. Undated  
Anon. The India Rubber Trades’ Diary and Year Book 1915 India Rubber Journal 1015 O/S
Anon. The Kodak Museum Kodak Ltd. 1947 3 copies
Anon. The Kodak Museum Kodak 1947  
Anon. The Langage of Rubber E.I.du Pont de Nemours & Co. 1957  
Anon. The Rubber Chemicals Bulletin ICI 1939/50  
Anon. The Rubber Technologist’s Pocket Book ICI Undated  
Anon. The Services Rubber Investigations HMSO 1954  
Anon. The use of Plastics Building Materials. The Engineering Equipment Users Association 1973  
Anon. The Use of Plastics Materials in Building Constable & Co. 1973  
Anon. The World of Plastics B.P.F. 1986  
Anon. The Xylonite Group 1877 – 1952 The British Xylonite Company Limited 1952  
Anon. Thermoplastic Elastomers Yarsley Research Laboratories Undated  
Anon. Turner & Newall Limited. The first fifty years 1920 – 1970 Turner & Newall Ltd. 1970  
Anon. Upholsterers’ Handbook of Dunlopillo Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd.    
Anon. Ville d’Oyonnax Antoine-bellignat 1987  
Anon. Worshipful Company of Horners – Livery List. Horners Company 2005