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Anonymous Publications (1)
Year Notes
Anon. 13th Annual Meeting IISRP 1972  
Anon. 78 Gummi Adressbuch Vincentz Verlag 1978  
Anon. A Century of Service 1876 – 1976 The Bedlam Packing & Rubber Co. Ltd. 1976 2 copies
Anon. A Description of the New Factory The British Cyanides Co. 1914  
Anon. A History of Coates Brothers & Company Limited 1877 – 1977 Eva Svensson 1977  
Anon. A Short Account of the British Xylonite Company The British Xylonite Company Limited 1902  
Anon. A World of Chemicals Shell Chemicals Undated  
Anon. ABRAC Plasticisers A. Boake Roberts & Co. ND Undated  
Anon. Adhesion and Adhesives Fundamentals and Practice Society of Chemical Industry 1954  
Anon. Adhesion, Fundementals and Practice (Conference) Maclaren and Sons 1966  
Anon. Ancestors of an Industry ICI 1950  
Anon. Annual Reports 1979,1980,1981. RRDB    
Anon. Annual Reports for 1981 and 1983 UPAM    
Anon. ASTM Standards on Rubber Products ASTM 1950  
Anon. Auction Catalogue – 20th Century Decorative Arts, Bakelite and other Plastics Sotheby’s 1989 2 copies
Anon. Bakelite Limited Bakelite Limited Undated  
Anon. Bakelite Technic Bakelite Corp. 1928  
Anon. Bakelite Technik Molding Materials Bakelite Corporation 1928  
Anon. BASF Plastics Manual B.A.S.F. 1962  
Anon. Bayer Plastics Farbenfabriken Bayer Aktiengesellshaft 1955  
Anon. Bayer Plastics Bayer, 1955  
Anon. Bayer Plastics Bayer 1963  
Anon. Bayer Pocket Book for the Plastics Industry Bayer 1959  
Anon. Bayer Pocket Book for the Plastics Industry Bayer 1963  
Anon. Bayer Pocket Book for the Plastics industry 2nd Edition Farbenfabriken Bayer Aktiengesellshaft 1959  
Anon. Bayer Pocket Book for the Plastics industry 3nd Edition Farbenfabriken Bayer Aktiengesellshaft 1963  
Anon. Bayer-polyurethanes Bayer AG 1979  
Anon. Beetle Bulletin Guide to Plastics Antiques B.I.P. Undated 2 copies
Anon. Bisol Organic Chemicals AICE 1974  
Anon. Breon Latices BP Chemicals 1969  
Anon. Breon Nitrile Rubbers British Geon 1964  
Anon. Breon Paste Resin B.P. Chemicals 1969  
Anon. Breon PVC Resins B.P. 1973  
Anon. British Catalogue of Plastics The National Trade Press Limited 1948  
Anon. British Plastics Federation – Sixty Years B.P.F. 1993 Photocopy
Anon. British Plastics Yearbook Kiffe Books Ltd. 1965  
Anon. BS 1321:1946 – Plastic Picnic Type Tableware BSI 1946  
Anon. BS 1322:1946 – Synthetic Resin (Aminoplastic) Moulding Materials and Mouldings. BSI 1946  
Anon. BS 1524:1955 – Cellulose Acetate Moulding Material BSI 1955  
Anon. BS 2782 Methods of Testing Plastics, Parts 1 to 5. BSI 1965  
Anon. BS 2907:1957 – Phenolic Mouldings BSI 1957  
Anon. BS 771:1938 – Synthetic Resin (Phenolic) Moulding Materials and Mouldings. BSI 1938  
Anon. BS 771:1948 – Synthetic Resin (Phenolic) Moulding Materials. BSI 1948  
Anon. BS 771:1954 Synthetic Resin (Phenolic) Moulding Materials BSI 1954  
Anon. BS 771:1959 Phenolic Moulding Materials BSI 1959  
Anon. Caoutchouc and Gutta Percha S.D.C.K. 1852  
Anon. Castilloa Rubber   Undated O/S
Anon. Catalogue – Airfix Products in Plastics Airfix Products Limited Undated O/S
Anon. Catalogue – Rubber Exhibition 1908 International Rubber and Allied trades 1908  
Anon. Catalogue – Rubber Exhibition 1911 International Rubber and Allied trades 1911  
Anon. Catalogue of Publications PRI Undated  
Anon. Cellobond Polyester Resins Technical Manual No. 12 BRP 1961  
Anon. Chambers’s Technical Dictionary W. & R. Chambers Ltd. 1961  
Anon. Charts Modern Plastics Encyclopedia 1948  
Anon. Code of Practice. Plastics for Food Contact Applications BPF 1973  
Anon. Coference – Third International Synthetic Rubber Symposium Rubber and Technical Press 1964  
Anon. Compounding Ingredients for Rubber India Rubber World 1947  
Anon. Compounding Ingredients for Rubber India Rubber World 1961  
Anon. Conference – Addition and Condensation Polymerization Processes ACS 1969  
Anon. Conference – Adhesion des Elastomeres. AFICP 1970  
Anon. Conference – Advances in Blow Moulding Voith Fischer 1977  
Anon. Conference – Atlantic City ACS 1968  
Anon. Conference – Cellular Plastics National Academy of Sciences 1967  
Anon. Conference – Characterization and Utilization of Orientation in Polymeric Products PRI 1976  
Anon. Conference – Coatings and Plastics ACS 1977  
Anon. Conference – ECCM – 7 Vol. 1 IOM 1997  
Anon. Conference – Fire Safety of Combustible Materials University of Edinburgh 1975  
Anon. Conference – High Speed Testing Vol. III Interscience 1962  
Anon. Conference – Managing Corrosion Problems with Plastics   Undated  
Anon. Conference – Natural Rubber Research 1960 RRIM 1961  
Anon. Conference – New Developments in Reaction Injection Moulding Technomic 1977  
Anon. Conference – Plastics in Bearings PI 1973  
Anon. Conference – Plastics in Building Structures PI 1965  
Anon. Conference – Plastics in Building Structures PI 1966  
Anon. Conference – Plastics in Building Tomorrow EFTA Plastics Association 1972  
Anon. Conference – Plastics Linings and Coatings in the Prevention of Corrosion PRI 1976  
Anon. Conference – Polymerization and Polycondensation Processes ACS 1962  
Anon. Conference – Polymers for Composites PRI 1987  
Anon. Conference – Problems of Choice in the Field of Plastics N.V.’t Raedthuys    
Anon. Conference – PROCESSING Polymers to Products N.V. ‘t Raedthuys 1966  
Anon. Conference – Quality Control in the Rubber Industry Maclaren & Sons 1967  
Anon. Conference – Recent Advances in the Properties and Applications of Thermosetting Materials PRI 1979  
Anon. Conference – Recent Developments in the Evaluation of Natural Rubber ASTM 1952  
Anon. Conference – Retec’88 – Plastics Processing for Profit – Injection Moulding. SPE 1988  
Anon. Conference – Rubbercon 72 Section A IRI 1973  
Anon. Conference – Smoke from Burning Plastics QMC 1973  
Anon. Conference – Stabilization of Polymers and Stabilizer Processes ACS 1968  
Anon. Conference – Synthetic Rubbers for High Temperature and Engfineering Applications. PRI 1981  
Anon. Conference – Techniques of Polymer Science. SCI 1963  
Anon. Conference – The Physical Properties of Polymers SCI 1959  
Anon. Conference – Tyres PRI 1979  
Anon. Conference – Urethanes and he Environment PRI 1976  
Anon. Conference – XXIV th International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry Butterworths 1974  
Anon. Conference- Energy Conservation – the use of Foamed and Expanded Plastics PRI 1983  
Anon. Conference -Polymer Degradation Mechanisms NBS 1953  
Anon. Conferencer – Origine et Aspect Technique du Fluage des Matieres Plastiques Editions Cebedoc 1971  
Anon. Coombe Lodge Report Vol.21, Numbers 9 and 10: All Our Futures FESC 1990  
Anon. Craftwork in Plastic, Polyester Resins Search Press Undated  
Anon. Creative use of Plastics in Cars VDI Verlag 1984  
Anon. Design Engineering – Plastics Product Journals 1968  
Anon. Design with Plastics Heinemann Education Books 1974  
Anon. DIN – Taschenbuch 21. Kunststoffnormen. Beytg-Vertrieb 1969  
Anon. DIN 18 Materialprufnormen fur Kunststoffe, Kautschuk und Gummi Beuth-Vertrieb 1969  
Anon. Directory of British Rubber Manufacturers and Products F.B.R.M.A. 1949 O/S
Anon. Dynamic plastics – vom Bakelite zum High Plast Deutsches Kunststoff Museum 1989  
Anon. Elastomeric Engineering Andre Rubber Co. 1945  
Anon. Elsevier’s Rubber Dictionary in Ten Languages Elsevier Publishing Company 1959  
Anon. Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering Vol. 4 Composites, Fabrication and Die Design Wiley – Interscience 1986  
Anon. Encyclopedie du Caotchouc La Revue Generale du Caoutchouc 1929  
Anon. Encyclopedie du Caoutchouc L’Emancipatrice 1929  
Anon. Engineering Careers in Bakelite Ltd. Bakelite Undated  
Anon. European Plastics Buyer’s Guide IPC Industrial Press Ltd. 1977  
Anon. European Plastics Directory RAPRA Technology Ltd. 2000/2001  
Anon. Europlastics Year Book IPC Industrial Press Ltd. 1973  
Anon. Fifty Years The British Xylonite Company Limited 1927  
Anon. Fire Hazards of the Plastics Industry NBFU 1955  
Anon. Fire Hazards of the Plastics Manufacturing and Fabricating Industries NBFU 1963  
Anon. Friction Materias for Engineers Ferodo Ltd. 1961  
Anon. Gli anni di Plastica Electa 1983  
Anon. Guide to the 1952 Mill Report NJICRI 1960  
Anon. Haake Falling Ball Viscometer Gebruder Haake Undated  
Anon. Handbook on Polymer Assessment HMSO 1964  
Anon. Hoechst – Safety in Storage Hoechst UK Undated  
Anon. In the Realm of Chemistry B.A.S.F. 1965  
Anon. Industrial Accidents NJICRI 1959