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Plastiquarian: The PHS Magazine

These articles were featured in the PHS journal plastiquarian nos. 1 to 41 (1988-2009) and a selection are available in different sections of this website. Hard copies of  back publications (where available) can be purchased from online from this site or from the PHS.  They are also available in sets on CD.

plastiquarian 1
The Bakelite Museum; Where is it Now? p6
The Cellulosic Crisis; Urgent Attempts to Save Old Films p7
Bois Durci; A Plastics Antique p8
Were Misha Black, Wells Coats & J K White the Cat's Whiskers? p9
The Musee du Peigne et des Matieres Plastiques p10

plastiquarian 2
End of a Line; PHS Visit to the Vestry House Museum p6
The Notebooks of Alexander Parkes p8
The Plastes Story p9
Poetry from the BXL Archives p10
From Milk to Manicure Sets; The Casein Process p12
Repairing Plastics p14

plastiquarian 3
An Addicts' Evening at the Science Museum p6
An Ekco from the Past, Lecture by Dr. Tom Going p7
It's in the Can at the National Film Archive p9
Shellac Union Cases p10
Members Collections: Hazel Page is all Buttoned Up p11
Thetford Pulp Ware: Forerunner of Domestic Plasticware p12
Repairing Plastics Part 2 p13

plastiquarian 4
Dynamic Plastics – First KMV Exhibition in Dusseldorf p7
Brighton Polytechnic Takes the Cake p9
Roving Report – Australia p10
Roving Report – USA p10
Portrait of a Pioneer: E A Petersen & Erinoid Ltd p12

plastiquarian 5
The Plastics Age: Exhibition Review p7
Polymer Conservation Seminar Review p8
Oyannax Reactions p10
Celluloid Figurines p13
Post-war Plastics Industry p14
Early Days at Halex p16
Plastics Cap Badges of the British Army p17

plastiquarian 6
Pioneer Plastics Party – L G G Charlesworth Ltd p6
BIP History Day p7
US Plastics Artifacts Find a Home p8
The History of an Industry Goes on Display (USA) p9
From Bakelite to Teflon: A Life in USA Industry p10
Lid Rises on Coffin Mystery p11
A Resounding Ekco: The E K Cole Company p12
Gutta Percha: The Plastic of its Time p14
John Jesse: The Quiet Collector p16
Repairing Plastics Update p17

plastiquarian 7
From Ivorine to Olivetti: Miss Crowford Collects p8
Interplas 90 (with a history of the exhibition) p10
The Story of Lego; Danish Design Exhibition p12
The Quiet Revolution: Bex Bowls p13
The Bogus Butterfly Collector: Camphor and Early Plastics p14
Kelacoma Ltd p16

plastiquarian 8
Craft Survival; Morris & Forndran (combs & brushes) p7
Cleaning Plastics: A Guide p8
Collecting (includes Bois Durci & Radios) p11

plastiquarian 9
Dr Jekyll & Formaldehyde : A 1950s view of plastics p6
Wide Open – an approach to dental plastics p8
The Kleeware Story p9
The Ups and Downs of PVC p10
Polyethylene – the new insulating material p12
Conservation reports p13
Obituary – Gaby Schreiber

plastiquarian 10
Distillers Impact on The Plastics Industry p8
Early Artificial Fibres p11
Woodflour – the Filler p13
Permali p14

plastiquarian 11
The Building of an Industry – A Personal View of a Celluloid Business p6
Permali in Gloucester (pic) p9
Xylonite and World War I p9
History & Development of Vinyl LP's p14
An Early Celluloid Factory p17
Early Glassfibre Car Shells p18

plastiquarian 12
Horn and Plastics – The Natural Connection p4
Precursory Experiments in Electronics Encapsulation p6
A History of Fibre-Reinforced Composites p10
The Birth and Development of the 'Frido' Vinyl Playball p13
A Consultant's Role in the Plastics Industry p16
The Manufacture of Balata Belting p18
Button Making in Halesowen p20
Polymer Yarns p21

plastiquarian 13
Plastics in Dentistry p3
Cellulosics – A Classic Centenary p7 &17
Phenolics in the 1930s p11
Casting Phenolic Resin – A Short Study of the Napkin Ring p14
The Development of Mass-Produced Pens p18
The Timpo Trail p22

plastiquarian 14
From Cyanide to 'Beetle' p4
Seeing a Problem Through – 'Perspex' The First Sixty Years p8
'Perspex' – Decades of Achievement in 1930s-1990s p10
Cast Phenolic p12
Made for Each Other? Plastics in the Automotive Industry p13
Polymer Chemistry at McGill University Montreal p21
Inorganic polymers, The Work of Frederick Kipping p23

plastiquarian 15
Natural Rubber and the Years That Changed the World p3
Making Plastics Work – Two Views – Putting Polyethylene First p7
The Polyethylene Bag – It's Birth & Development p9
Celluloid and Photography p14
In a Spin at Kew – viscose rayon p20
Perspex Jewellery p26

plastiquarian 16
Decorative Laminates 1911-1981 p2
Celluloid & Photography (Part 2) p6
Some Historical Aspects of the Horner’s Craft p9
Collecting Carvacraft p10
Portrait of a Pioneer (Edwin Elliott) p12
The True Discoverer of Nylon? p15

plastiquarian 17
Plastics in Retrospect & Prospect – A 1964 View p2
Some Viscose Personalities (Part 1) p5
A Working Horn Factory p8 Celluloid & Photography (Part 3) p10
The Poppit Experience p13
The National Plastics Center & Museum – an update p15

plastiquarian 18
The Gutta Percha Story p2
Birkbys: A Name for 130 Years p7
Keratin Kitsch p10
Celluloid & Photography (Part 4) p12
A Post-war Plea 18;iii

plastiquarian 19
The British Plastics Federation: The Early Years p2
A History of Rotational Moulding p6
The Xylonite Catalogue 1882 – 1930 p9
A Stick in Time p12 Baekeland in Praise of Hyatt p14
Wallace H. Carothers piii

plastiquarian 20
Small is Beautiful: The Birth of ABS p2
Plastics – Power & Gender: a Swedish View p5
Manufacturing the GPO 162 Telephone p8
John Smith, Casemaker p12
When is a Greenhorn not a Greenhorn? piii

plastiquarian 21
The Early History of the Damard Lacquer Co. p2
John Trier: Artist and Craftsman in Horn p5
Some Viscose Personalities (Part 2) p8
Arthur Fleischmann: International Artist & Sculptor p13

plastiquarian 22
The Centenary of Casein p2
The SF1 System and the Elgin Estate p8
Impressions in Horn p12
Hermann Staudinger p16

plastiquarian 23
Cast Phenolic Resins p2
Chinese Lacquer : An Age-old Polymer p6
The Thomas De La Rue Story (Part 1 Early Days – 1939) p10
Lanthorns, Warnings and Whistles p14

plastiquarian 24
Hale End: Home of Xylonite p2
The Thomas De La Rue Story (Part 2 De La Rue at War) p10
Let Polymers Face the Music p15
Buttons & Bows (Horn) piii

plastiquarian 25 (Millennium edition)
Millennium Reflections on PHS p1
The Way we Changed the World p3
The First Five Years of PHS activities p8
Great Designs of the 20th Century p9
I Once Met…… p13
Looking to the Future p17
Horners at the New Millennium piii

plastiquarian 26
1851:Ebonite; The Birth of the Plastics Industry? p2
The Thomas De La Rue Story (Part 3 1945-1959) p6
Plastics Processing Machinery: the Vital Partner p10
Reviving Horn History p14
A Close Call : How ICI Nearly Lost Its Polythene Lead p16
Sustainability – Future History? piii

plastiquarian 27
Plastics setback 1948/49 p2
The Thomas De La Rue Story (Part 4 – 1959-1982) p6
In the borsch! (Horn Band) p11
Sidney Reginald Badley MBE FIM: an appreciation p12
Conserving Energy p13
The Birth of the Plastics Industry? p14
A History of the Golf Ball p16
The rubber doll: a Christmas story in verse piii

plastiquarian 28
Polythene: Discovery and Early Development p2
General Electric Company (US) and Plastics p6
Passion for Plastics p9
A 'Personnel' Account p13
Pocket Knives: simple but vital p15
Rubber (et al) in 1886 p16

plastiquarian 29
Material Movements: 1974-94 p2
Cellulosics in the USA p6
Bois Durci: a fine medium p8
The Search for the Unbreakable Doll p10
BIPEL: a pressing story p13
The Burden of Recycling p16

plastiquarian 30 – Summer 2003
DuPont Bicentennial p2
Ebonite Revisited p6
Bullo Pill: a vintage restorative p7
BIPEL: a pressing story part 2 p10
Some Notes on Bakelite Corporation p14
Nanomaterials and Polymers p16

plastiquarian 31 – Winter 2003
Bandalasta: its contribution to Art Deco plastics p2
Plastics afloat p5
Tupperware: the end of the party p8
Thomas Hancock and Marlborough Cottage p10
A view from the bridge p13
Conrad Poppenhusen p14
Let there be light! p16

plastiquarian 32 – Summer 2004
Post-war plastics: meeting the challenge p2
The Rise and Fall of Melamine Tableware p8
New Sounds in the Moulding Shop – Silence! p14
Additions to the Horner's Collection p16

plastiquarian 33 – Winter 2004
Airfix – The Early Days p2
Bakelite at Brackley p6
The World of Tomorrow: 1939 New York World's Fair p8
ICI Croydon p11
Royal Connections p13
Will the last moulder to leave the country please turn out the light p16

plastiquarian 34 – Summer 2005
The Story of ICI Plastics Division p2
PHS Makes a Start p6
Horners on Active Service p8
AH 'Woody' Woodfull p10
Metallised Helium-filled Balloons p13
The Futures Market for Plastics p16

plastiquarian 35 – Winter 2005
Pictures from the past p1
The Story of ICI Plastics Division: Part II, the closing years p2
Charles Macintosh & Co: The history of the company p6
Jessie's Story p8 Plastics Hall of Fame: Alexander Parkes p10
Progress in Auto Glazing p15

plastiquarian 36 – Summer 2006
Pictures from the past p1 The Story of Sandwich Moulding p2
The Rise and Fall of GPG International Ltd. p6
The Michelin Centenary 1905 – 2005 p8
Horners Corner p11
A Half-century of Designing with Plastics p13
RAPRA Technology p16

plastiquarian 37 – Winter 2006/7
Pictures from the past p1
Delrin half century p2 The History of Combs – an American Perspective p7
Horners Corner p13
Red Rubber p14
Polymer Training for the Future p16

plastiquarian 38 – Winter 2007 – Bakelite Centenary Edition
Picture from the past  p1
Baekeland and Swinburne: Men of genius  p2
A short history of Philite  p8
My 25 years  at Bakelite p14
Collecting Bakelite  p17

plastiquarian 39 – Summer 2008
Pictures from the past p1
75 Years of polyethylene p2
Picture spread p8
The American Plastics Society's Hall of Fame – Dr John Swallow p10
Lego – the ultimate toy building brick p14

plastiquarian 40 – October 2008 – Special Edition to celebrate 75 years of polyethylene
Editorial p2 The Changing Nature of the Plastics Industry David F Oxley p3 Two natural Plastics, tortoiseshell & horn Jen Cruse p6
Parkesine & Celluloid, from Britain to America Susan Mossman p8 BAKELITE, the hidden agenda Percy Reboul p10 The rise and rise of synthetic rubbers John Loadman p12 Polyetheylene, a phenomenon Colin Richards p14
Conducting Polymers Ralph Kay p16
British Plastics Federation at 75 Philip Law and Stephen Hunt p18
Plastics, Products and People, the social acuity of a material Ian Holdsworth p20
Art Deco Decorative Plastics Carolyn Clark p22 Plastics and World War 2 Irene and Mark Cornelius p24 Plastics as a Medium for Toys Hilary Page p27 Hilary Page & Kiddicraft Chas Saunter p28 The Tupperware Burp Sylvia Katz p30 Ron Copleston, an engineer’s engineer, talks with John Russell p32
Plastics in Dentistry David Brown p34 Chasing the Sunlight Industries; Tony McLelland talks to John Russell p36 Plastics Materials, a personal journey Willie Kessler p38 Patents & Plastics Alan Wells p40 Conservation Challenges Brenda Keneghan p42 An Overview of the Developments in Plastic Processing Colin Hindle p44 The Future of Manufacturing in Europe & the UK George Kessler p46

plastiquarian 41 – April 2009
Independence – Deborah Jaffe p2 Synthetic Fibres, from dreams to reality – Susan Mossman p4 Scientists – Prof Dame Julia Higgins, Stephanie Kwolek, Prof Averia Macdonald, Thea van Oosten – Deborah Jaffe & Sylvia Katz p6 The Bakelite Women – Patricia Kingsbury p7 Plastics Imitating Gems – Maggie Campbell Pederson p8 Prerequisites & Style p10
Little White Plastic Collars – Sylvia Katz interviews Mary Quant p12 In the Service of Woman – Richard Schoevaart p14
Working Women; Palm Sized Plastics – Sylvia Katz p 17 Rubber and the Domestic Goddess –  John loadman p18
Maria Pia Incutti Plastics 'Collezionasta' – Sylvia Katz p19 Brighter Homes –  Ralph Kay p20 Anna Castelli Ferrieri –  Sylvia Katz  p20 Plastics in my Blood –  Corinne Julius p22
Plastics in the Nursery – David Harman Powell p24 Necessity is the Mother of Invention –  Mandy Haberman p26 Barbie at 50 -Deborah Jaffe -28

plastiquarian 42 – Winter 2009
Scotland’s Rubber & Plastics Heritage – The evolution of Royalite Plastics from the North British Rubber Company typifies how the polymer industry in Scotland developed seamlessly from rubber to plastics. By John Campbelton and Charlie Geddes
The PHS collection of Plastics Artefacts  – By Steve Akhurst Over the twenty-two years of the existence of the Plastics Historical Society there has always been a dream of setting up a National Museum of Plastics. Even in the early days the financial implications were such as to make it unlikely that such a museum could beestablished. Thanks to co-operation with The Arts University College at Bournemouth, the modest PHS collection of artefacts assembled over the years has found a home at MoDiP (the Museum of Design in Plastics).
Messing about in Plastics – In March 1995, Dr Len Smith, a founder member of PHS and a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Horners, gave a lecture to PHS members entitled "Messing About in Plastics" – an intriguing title based on the famous phrase in  'Wind in the Willows', 'messing about in boats
Topper Revisited – This article is based on a talk given to The Manchester Polymer Group by Peter Bean, Financial Director of the North of England Plastics Processing Consortium. It covers three years in the 1970s during which the technology was developed to enable two 1600
ton injection moulding machines to be twinned to give the same effect as a much more expensive 3200 ton machine. To make full use of such a monster it was proposed to produce an injection moulded version of a training dinghy, which was already being produced in small numbers in GRP by hand lay-up.

plastiquarian 43 – Summer 2010
Analysis of decorative haircombs Roberta Verteramo and Rebecca Ploeger
The Popart Project Brenda Keneghan
Lea Stein Carolyn Clark
Round the Museums Louise Dennis
Celluloid Salesman Carolyn Clark
Mr Swindon’s Bakelite Machine Dr. Andy Bardill and Ian Holdsworth

plastiquarian 44 – Winter 2010
Polymer Study Tour Alison Green
Trimphone Alan Wells
Deck the Halls Carolyn Clark
Nature’s Plastics MoDiP
Diatite G Marshall Naul
RAF plaque
Rubber Band Chairs
Bake Me A Fake Brenda Keneghan
Horners’ Award for Plastics 2010
plastiquarian 45 – Summer 2011

A violin made of Plexiglas Friederike Waentig
Bakelite Ltd., Cowley, Middlesex. 1911 – 1916 Ian Holdsworth
Combmaking in Scotland Jen Cruse
Plastics in Britain – the earliest days Percy Reboul
The Xylonite Magazine

plastiquarian 46 – December 2011
The Palitoy Story Ieuan Hopkins
Early plastic jewellery – fakes and forgeries Caroline Henney
Plastics: the way we live now Brenda Keneghan
The Animal Magnetism of Horn Armelle Ellison
Art and Plastics Jim Ives
The Plastics Historical Society (PHS) Collection Online Louise Dennis
Laminated acrylic sculptures Vasa Mihic
News and Mystery Object

plastiquarian 47 – June 2012
The Stuff of Legends David Gardner
Experiences with Plastics part 1 Ralph Kay
Grete Loebenstein – Marks and Linsden Ware Frances Marks & Carolyn Clark
Plastics Processes and Patents Alan Wells
Plastics for Gold Susan Lambert
Form and Transparency: the acrylic creations of Abraham Palatnik Carolyn Clark
From the Archives Percy Reboul

plastiquarian 48 – December 2012
Beastly designs Pam Langdown
What about the workers? Percy Reboul
Experiences with plastics Part 2 Ralph Kay
Horn an everyday plastic David Oxley
Faked plastic Part 2 Carolyn Clark
Plastics making a splash! Brenda Keneghan Around the museums
plastiquarian 49 – July 2013

The Story of EKCO Plastics Ken Crowe
Plastics and Carnival Jim Ives
Experiences with plastics 1958-1978 Ralph Kay
Design Focus: The Bourn-Vita Sleeping Beaker Steve Akhurst & Carolyn Clark
Victrex John Whitehead
British Restaurant Tokens Philip MernickNews & Mystery Object
plastiquarian 50 – December 2013

Brantham Xylonite – A Living History Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves
Formica® Laminate Design Sylvia Katz
A Brief History of Patent Leather Joanne Hackett
The History Of G. B. Kent & Sons Ltd Jen Cruse
Plastics Playthings and Patents Alan Wells
News & Mystery Object

plastiquarian 51 – June 2014
Working for Xylonite in Brantham Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves
Bakelite Coinage Ian Holdsworth
Bakelite Egg Cups Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards
The Festival of Britain and Plastics Carolyn Clark
Moldflow Colin Austin
Mystery Object

plastiquarian 52 – December 2014
Windows on play Alice Sage
Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar Sue Mossman
Community Life At Brantham Xylonite Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves
My Other Plastic Pal Pete Bradley
Plastics and Rubber Weekly John Whitehead
Mystery Object