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Other plastics related websites

Antique Comb Collectors Club International

Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe

British Plastics Federation (BPF: the leading trade association of the UK Plastics Industry )

Fan Circle International

Hilary Page toys

History of Birkbys

History of Invicta Plastics

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

Leominster Plastics Centre MA

Macrogalleria A polymer teaching site for school pupils from the University of Southern Mississippi

Microplate (a non-profit organisation that gives out awards for innovation in microplates and plastics)

MoDIP Museum of Design in Plastics: collaborative study of plastics and design, Museum includes the PHS Collection

Plastics & Rubber Advisory Service (including animated models of plastics processing)

Plastics History Canada

Plastics Ring Collection

Plastics wine corks


Plastics in the Netherlands – a good starting point but mostly in Dutch!

Rubber History

Society of Plastics Engineers


Worshipful Company of Horners

Writing Equipment Society

A most unusual site

Lakelandelements sells a wide range of traditional made-to-measure raincoats to suit every occasion, but on her website Lorraine celebrates the cult of the traditional ‘mackintosh’ in “Lorraine’s Rainwear Club” which contains a vast number of pages relating to different aspects of this ubiquitous article The site is tricky to navigate but takes you to rainwear history which includes the complete e-text of Hancock’s “Personal Narrative”. Work backwards from here through links in the top right to “chillout room” then “club foyer” and then to “SHOP” in the bottom left. If you love mackintoshes you’ll love this site!

Some PHS Members’ websites

Rubber (including sourcing the book:”Tears of the Tree”) by John Loadman

Bois Durci by Harold & Philip Mernick

Bois Durci – Ebena – Fornells and other early plastics

Plastic soldiers by Paul Morehead

Casein by John Morgan

“Horn: Its History and its Uses” a book by Adele Schaverien

Smile Plastics; the home of recycled plastics by Colin Williamson

“Organic Gems”; a subscription journal by Maggie Campbell Pederson (issue 1 free from this link)

Follow the links to “organic Gems”

A selection of UK Toy Museums with Appreciable Plastics Contents and some with virtual tours or images

UK Toy Museums (a partly out-of-date list with links with no images)

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood (no images)

Brighton Toy & Model Museum (few images)

Griegs Toy Museum (many images)

Skaro Toy Museum (Dr Who) (many images )

V&A Museum of Childhood (portal to several sites)

Woolworths virtual toy museum

See also The Plastics Museum: Cannon for the culture of Plastic

International Plastics Museums Organisations and Collections

The Amsterdam Bakelite Collection

The Cannon museum of plastics in Italy

The German Society for Plastics History

Galessa’s plastics photostream (a great collection of photographs of plastic objects)