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The library is located at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining,  The Boilerhouse, Caunt Road Grantham NG31 7FZ.

If you need to consult the library, please contact Hilda Kaune at IOM3 ( to make an appointment.
For your benefit, and that of other users, please read what is written below before accessing the library index.


The catalogue comprises the main lending library in alphabetical order of author’s surname, a reserve collection list and an anonymous authorship list plus a number of supplementary lists of journals, conferences, monographs etc. All the items are arranged on the shelves in strict order as per the catalogues. Please leave any items removed from the shelves for the Librarian to replace.

The shelves of the library are very deep which enables the content to be doubled. In the front is to be found the main library available for loan. Behind are the other parts of the library as detailed in the separate lists. The latter are available for consultation and many for borrowing. However, as the front line of books needs to be disturbed for access, please contact the librarian before acting.

Library Rules

  1. Access details will be posted here as soon as possible.
  2.  Visitors may consult any item.
  3. Photocopies can be supplied subject to copyright regulations. Charges apply.
  4. Loans are only available to PHS and IOM3 members residing in the United Kingdom, subject to the librarian’s approval. Periodicals, certain designated works and books in poor physical condition will normally be available only for perusal.
  5. The library welcomes donations of books, papers and artefacts. The PHS reserves the right to deal with donated items as it deems appropriate.