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researched silicone polymers

Frederick Kipping was born at Upper Broughton, Manchester into a talented family. His father , James Kipping was an official of the Bank of England and also a farmer and member of the Manchester Chemical Society.

Educated at Manchester Grammar School and Owens College Manchester, Frederick graduated as a zoologist in 1882. Three years later he entered Munich University to study closed carbon chains and received his PhD in 1887. He joined Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh and became Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1897 and soon afterwards was appointed to the Chair of Chemistry at University College, Nottingham where he stayed until his retirement in 1936.

Professor Frederick Stanley Kipping of Nottingham, England devoted much of his time to the study of organo-silicon compounds, publishing 54 papers on the subject between 1899 and 1937 but he failed to forsee the potential commercial value of his work.

This was taken up by Corning Glass who, with Dow Chemicals set up Dow-Corning Corporation to manufacture silicone polymers in 1943.

Kipping died in North Wales n 1949, just as the value of silicone polymers was being realised.