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Carl Kunth was born at Bremen in 1868 and was educated at a commercial school. After his apprenticeship, he came to Britain to work in textiles at Manchester, and gained further commercial experience in France, Belgium and New York before becoming managing director of The International Galalith Gessellschaft Hoff & Co.

Casein plastics manufacture commenced in 1899 under the trade-name Galalith. It was exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900. The new material showed great promise, but much work was still required to make it a commercial success. Carl Kunth was the business man credited with obtaining the necessary capital and premises. He organized a sufficient supply of raw casein from France and, together with Dr. Bartels, adapted the necessary machinery and developed the ‘dry process’ of manufacturing casein plastics.

A demand for the material had then to be created and just how successful he was is the story of casein plastics. The ‘dry process’ was universally adopted and remained largely unchanged.