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Victrex John Whitehead looks at how Victrex is successfully keeping ICI’s heritage in polymer development alive in the North West of England Figure 1. The Victrex site near Blackpool, which supplies the global market for [...]

Design Focus: The Bourn-Vita Sleeping Beaker

Design Focus: The Bourn-Vita Sleeping Beaker Steve Akhurst and Carolyn Clark focus on one item which has become an icon in the burgeoning world of vintage It is easy to take for granted the design [...]

Experiences with Plastics 1958-1978

Experiences with Plastics 1958-1978 PHS member Ralph Kay presents the final article in his series on working through exciting times in the plastics industry Figure 1. Sketch of Formica International Research Centre   A previous [...]

Plastics and Carnival

Plastics and Carnival Jim Ives gives an insider’s view of the making of carnival costumes Figure 1. Headpiece used as display showing use of foam and sequin As the grey summer progresses, it’s time to [...]

The Story of EKCO Plastics

The Story of EKCO Plastics Ken Crowe, Curator of Human History at Southend Museums Service gives us a fascinating insight into the history and development of EKCO Plastics Figure 1. Moulding presses at the EKCO [...]


LAMINATED ACRYLIC SCULPTURES To start the series of articles about plastics and art, we invited an artist who has been creating stunning acrylic sculptures since 1967 to contribute. Vasa makes the most of acrylic’s properties [...]


EARLY PLASTIC JEWELLERY – FAKES AND FORGERIES Jewellery dealer Caroline Henney guides us through the use of early plastics in jewellery.  Figure 1. L to R Two moulded Celluloid bangles, (1930s – 1950s). Third bangle [...]

Puck among the Plastics

Puck among the Plastics Percy Reboul delves into the PHS archives and comes up with this gem from the Xylonite Magazine 1935.    Probably every manufacturer receives from time to time suggestions for the improvement [...]

Plastics for Gold

Plastics for Gold A Timely New Exhibition at the Museum of Design in Plastics by Susan Lambert.   Plastics are the most used group of materials in the world yet they are seldom given a [...]

From Germany to England, from Ceramic to Bakelite

From Germany to England, from Ceramic to Bakelite –    Grete Loebenstein-Marks and Linsden Ware  Grete Marks’ daughter Frances, talks about her mother’s remarkable career with Carolyn Clark and they explore the designer’s path from ceramics [...]