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3D Printshow, London, October 2013

NEWS 3D Printshow, London, October 2013 Figure 1. Coloured plastic filament used in 3D printing                                   Figure 2. Shoes made using a 3D printing technique 3D printing is a process which involves using special printheads that [...]


Moldflow Colin Austin revolutionised plastic moulding by predicting performance through computerised simulation. John Whitehead traces his contribution. Figure 1. Computer screen showing Moldflow image The unrivalled benefits of the injection moulding process for the efficient [...]

The Festival of Britain and Plastics

The Festival of Britain and Plastics Carolyn Clark takes a tour through the 1951 Festival of Britain Exhibition and finds multiple applications of plastics. Figure 1. Souvenir badge made of celluloid In 1951, the Festival [...]

Bakelite Egg Cups

Bakelite Egg Cups Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards gives us an overview of this interesting topic with illustrations from his own collection Figure 1. A section from the author’s egg cup collection Introduction Bakelite® egg cups have [...]

Bakelite Coinage

Bakelite Coinage PHS Committee member Ian Holdsworth on an unusual usage of plastics. The coin shows King George VI as Emperor of India with a Talipot palm on the reverse What do you do if [...]

Working for Xylonite in Brantham

Working for Xylonite in Brantham Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves continue their fascinating oral history of the Xylonite Brantham site in Suffolk. Figure 1. The Brantham Site in 1950 Introduction In the previous issue of [...]

News PQ50

News PQ50 In keeping with the celluloid theme, it has been announced that the International table Tennis Federation will be banning traditional ping pong balls made of celluloid from 1/7/14 and replacing them with “Poly [...]


Bournvita Following the article in the last issue about the design of the Bournvita cup, we are delighted to show you the technical drawings for the cup, which demonstrates well the skill that went into [...]

Plastics Playthings and Patents

Plastics Playthings and Patents Alan Wells looks at some classic patented plastic games Figure 1. Plastic Rubik’s Cube, Fighting Robots & Frisbee. Patents of the archetypal modern crazes of Robots, Frisbees and Rubik’s cube (Figure [...]

The History Of G. B. Kent & Sons Ltd

The History Of G. B. Kent & Sons Ltd PHS member Jen Cruse on the history of one of the UK’s most famous hair-care companies Figure 1. Various types of Kent brushes. G. B. Kent [...]

A Brief History of Patent Leather

A Brief History of Patent Leather Textile conservator Joanne Hackett from the Victoria and Albert Museum, runs through the history and development of patent leather Figure 1. Ankle boot shown at the Great Exhibition of [...]