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THE PHS PRESENTS Wednesday 23rd May 2018 The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining                  297 Euston Road, London NW1 3AQ  Adolph Spitteler & the History of Galalith  by Dr Guenter Lattermann We are [...]

Illustrating an Industry

Illustrating an industry with humour the cartoons of John Mulroy Contributed by Colin Williamson and Carolyn Clark Figure 1. John Henry Mulroy " His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Fellow of the Plastics Institute, [...]

Bakelite: Everybody Knows it

Bakelite: Everybody knows it Gerson Lessa a PhD student from Brazil reviews the recent exhibition of PHS member Reindert Groat's Amsterdam Bakelite Collection in Rotterdam Figures 1-7 illustrate the scale and variety of content. [...]


Stenogravures -   miniature works of art, technology and plastic. Carolyn Clark gives introduces us to an unusual use of Bakelite Figure 1. Patent application (1919) for machine to produce stenogravure Stenogravures are miniature pieces [...]

Newcomen Midlands Public Lecture      In conjunction with Thinktank: Birmingham Science Museum   Wednesday 7th February 2018 - 7pm   Plastics - from Parkesine to Bakelite                               By Dr Susan Mossman      The Lecture [...]


Faturan Ian Holdsworth and Ibrahim Faraj undertake an investigation into a mythical material. Figure 1. Friedrich Adolf “Fritz” Traun photographed in 1907 Figure 2. String of Faturan prayer beads Try this: Search eBay for Bakelite [...]

The Amsterdam Bakelite Collection

The Amsterdam Bakelite Collection PHS member Reindert Groot, chairman of the Amsterdam Bakelite Collection on the phenomenon of how collections expand. Figure 1. Colour samples on ball chains. Figure 2. Samples on rod in display [...]

Rutland Plastics

Rutland Plastics PHS Chairman Steve Akhurst reports on Rutland Plastics. Figure 1. An early company van. Note the old format telephone number. From the smallest English county comes a story of enterprise, ingenuity and perseverance. [...]

Plastics and Rubber Weekly

John Whitehead, who spent nearly 30 years with the industry’s familiar newspaper Plastics and Rubber Weekly, reports on its half century milestone this year. Figure 1. First day cover – PRW’s first edition in 1964 [...]

My Other Plastic Pal

My Other Plastic Pal Pete Bradley, aka “The BAYKO Man”, details the development of the BAYKO plastic construction toy. Figure 1. Charles Bird Plimpton Charles Bird Plimpton, inventor of the world’s first and finest plastic [...]

Community Life At Brantham Xylonite

Community Life At Brantham Xylonite Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves conclude their oral history of Brantham Xylonite in Suffolk. Figure 1. Childrens’ birthday party at Brantham Introduction In the previous two issues of Plastiquarian we [...]