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Lanthorns, Warnings And Whistles


It is an intriguing thought that at some point in time a man, or perhaps a woman, might have discovered that use of a cow horn would broadcast an alarm call further than his 'cupped' [...]

AIRFIX, the early days


The trade name 'Airfix' is known by young and old alike throughout the country. This brief history of its early days is taken from an audiotape made with the late John Dolan who was among [...]

Plastics In My Blood


Rosamind and Leslie Julius produced the first polypropylene chair, designed by Robin Day and manufactured by their company Hille. Their daughter, Corinne Julius recalls growing up with plastics. This January saw the Design Classics range [...]

Let Polymers Face The Music


A pity that we cannot bring to readers the extensive music which was the main feature of a recent presentation to the PHS under this title at North London University. However, the accompanying history of [...]