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Plastics In My Blood


Rosamind and Leslie Julius produced the first polypropylene chair, designed by Robin Day and manufactured by their company Hille. Their daughter, Corinne Julius recalls growing up with plastics. This January saw the Design Classics range [...]

Let Polymers Face The Music


A pity that we cannot bring to readers the extensive music which was the main feature of a recent presentation to the PHS under this title at North London University. However, the accompanying history of [...]

Horners Corner: Royal Connections


These days individual gifts to the Royal Family rarely receive any publicity, let alone photographs in the press and six column-inches in The Times newspaper. The Worshipful Company of Horners is pleased to reflect on [...]

Plastics In The Nursery


The nursery products, conceived and designed by David Harman Powell for GPG and Boots in the 1960s, transformed childcare for a generation of new mothersThe plastics industry in the 1930s was often criticized for its [...]