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The History Of Combs: An American Perspective


It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of combs to the commercial success of the plastics industry. At least two major companies survived and prospered in the early days by making and selling the [...]

Prerequisites & Style


Nail varnish or polish is mainly based on cellulose nitrate, also known as nitrocellulose. The nitrogen content is controlled to reduce hazards found in the more explosive forms. Nitrocellulose dopes, or coatings, were used in [...]

Shellac Union Cases


When Louis Daguerre, a French artist , used a camera obscura and a polished and silvered copper plate to produce the first photographic images in 1839, photography was born. These delicate ' daguerreotypes' were protected [...]

A Resounding EKCO: E.K. Cole Ltd


TOM GOING, ARCHIVIST, with a history of the company in preparation, fills in the origins of this famous enterprise 'We have been informed' said a rather stuffy little note, 'that a Leigh-on-Sea manufacturer of wireless [...]