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The Repair of Plastics: Part 2


POLYESTER RESINS: These are the resins used to bond glass mat into socalled 'fibreglass' and come in paste form or liquid. A convenient type of the former is Plastic Padding General Purpose which comes in [...]

Deck the Halls – with Plastic!


Deck the Halls – with Plastic! Carolyn Clark owns up to her addiction to Christmas plastics. For many people plastic at Christmas time means children’s toys and presents which may be anything these days ranging [...]

A Working Horn Factory


Abbeyhorn of Lakeland produces and stocks well over 150 different horn items and also carries out special work to order. The standard range includes shoe-horns, spoons, tableware, walking sticks, combs, brushes, deskware and jewellery. The [...]

Art and Plastics


Art and Plastics Throughout history artists have always seized the opportunity of a new material to enhance their art. In this article artist Jim Ives gives an overview of the evolution of plastics in art. [...]