Experiencing Plastics

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A Working Horn Factory


Abbeyhorn of Lakeland produces and stocks well over 150 different horn items and also carries out special work to order. The standard range includes shoe-horns, spoons, tableware, walking sticks, combs, brushes, deskware and jewellery. The [...]

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Art and Plastics


Art and Plastics Throughout history artists have always seized the opportunity of a new material to enhance their art. In this article artist Jim Ives gives an overview of the evolution of plastics in art. [...]

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Keratin Kitsch


The discussion that followed the recent talk to the PHS to which the author refers showed clearly that what is for one person 'kitsch' (dictionary definition: 'work in any of the arts that is pretentious [...]

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MYSTERY OBJECT   Hello Sailor(s) In our last edition (June 2012), we showed a little sailor made of vulcanized rubber. He is in fact one of a set of skittles (Figure 1). Irene Cornelius correctly [...]

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