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Ever since they were created, polymeric materials have been used in the fine arts and the design world and currently represent a significant part of museum collections in terms of values and/ or numbers. Initially [...]

The Repair of Plastics: Part 1


First of a Two-Part Feature We would all like perfect examples of antique plastics, but often have to make do with blemished pieces, or worse, accept accidental damage that may happen to a prized possession. [...]

The Museum of Design in Plastics


The Museum of Design in Plastics. In the last issue of Plastiquarian Steve Akhurst discussed the long-term loan of a significant number of Plastics Historical Society’s objects to the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), [...]

Members' Collections


Hazel Page stores thousands of buttons in an 18 drawer printers tqpe chest. How did it all start? Teaching children embroidery sounds harmless enough, but one day in the early 1970's something caught my eye [...]