Experiencing Plastics

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Conservation Challenges


The study of the degradation and conservation of plastics in museums has only been recognised formally as an important area worthy of research since the early 1990s The Victoria & Albert Museum appointed its first [...]

Conducting Polymers


In the 150 years, since Michael Faraday and William Siemans recognised gutta percha as an outstanding electrical insulator, the world of plastics has changed dramatically. 1 Introduction The use of insulating mouldable plastics has been [...]

Collecting Carvacraft


Many PHS members have come to concentrate on one particular area rather than seek to cover the whole wide field of plastics collectables. John Hockey's speciality is items made from Carvacraft cast phenolic, and here [...]

The Notebooks of Alexander Parkes 2


THE PHS COLLECTION OF PLASTICS ARTEFACTS By Steve Akhurst Over the twenty-two years of the existence of the Plastics Historical Society there has always been a dream of setting up a National Museum of Plastics. [...]