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Jessie's Story


Although the history of early plastics such as celluloid and casein is reasonably well documented, we know little about the lives and working conditions of those people on the shop floor who, in the late [...]

British Plastics Federation


Founded in 1933, the BPF quickly became established as the world’s first trade federation for the plastics industry and is today a vital force determining the industry’s future. Philip Law and Stephen Hunt explain The [...]

Plastics making a splash!


Plastics making a splash! As we look back on the Olympic year Brenda Keneghan dips into some of the history of synthetic materials used in swimming. Figure 1. Lastex advertisement   The swimsuit as a [...]

Phenolics in the 1930s


Phenol formaldehyde plastics are inevitably linked with Bakelite Limited and we may need to remind ourselves that, in terms of the history of the industry, they were by no means the only company making the [...]