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Mass-produced Pens


Man, since early times, has endeavoured to record a journal. Cave dwellers made paintings with burnt sticks, primitive brushes and paint. Early civilisations in Egypt developed hieroglyphics, an early form of picture writing, using wooden [...]

Plastics Power And Gender: A Swedish View


The author works in the Department of Field Research and Acquisition of the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. The article is based on one published in Teknik och Kultur in 1996 and discusses the changing attitudes [...]

Dr Jekyll & Formaldehyde


This article first appeared in the early 1950s in Punch. We think it amusing, perceptive and well written - a refreshing change from those 'twee', trivial articles on plastics which are such a feature of [...]

Some Notes On Bakelite Corporation


Following his accounts of General Electric Co. and Celanese Corporation in the immediately preceding issues ofplastiquarian, our American author now turns his attention towards Bakelite Corporation and its products. As one who spent nearly 45 [...]