Plastics in Society

//Plastics in Society

Polymer Yarns or The Accidental Discovery of Polymers

Throughout the history of polymers, important discoveries have been made as a consequence of completely unforseen sequences of events. This is probably true of chemistry in general. Long ago it was realised that many liquid [...]

The British Plastics Federation: The Early Years

The formation of the British Plastics Moulding Trade Association (BPMTA) in 1929 - which became the British Plastics Federation (BPF) in 1933 - meant that for the first time the diverse interests in the field [...]

The Bogus Butterfly Collector

Camphor and the Early Plastics Industry Percy Rebaul writes: I am particularly grateful to Peter Ashlee and to Plastics & Rubber Weekly for permission to publish this abridged version of an article on one of [...]

Ebonite Revisited

I'm sure that everyone who knows anything about the history of plastics will be aware that the vulcanisation of natural rubber with sulphur was discovered by Charles Goodyear in the US about 1839 and patented [...]