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Rutland Plastics


Rutland Plastics PHS Chairman Steve Akhurst reports on Rutland Plastics. Figure 1. An early company van. Note the old format telephone number. From the smallest English county comes a story of enterprise, ingenuity and perseverance. [...]

Plastics In Dentistry 2


Dr Brown started by drawing attention to St Apollonia, patron saint of dental patients, to remind us of the longestablished nature of toothache as an enervating illness. For many years dental decay was the major [...]

The Centenary Of Casein


The author was from 1954 involved in the production of casein by Erinoid Ltd. at Stroud, Gloucestershire. The first patent for this milk-derived plastics material dates from 1899, so this year marks its centenary. If [...]

Bandalasta: Its Contribution To Art Deco Plastics


Bandalasta, the tradename of Brookes & Adams for the range of thiourea formaldehyde tableware now much prized by collectors of early plastics, made an important contribution to the Art Deco design movement which flourished in [...]