People & Polymers

The Tupperware Burp


Polythene suffers from its own success. The countless daily uses for polythene (polyethylene), from the humble litter bin and gas pipe to the disposable carrier bag and milk bottle, contribute significantly to the public perception [...]

Community Life At Brantham Xylonite


Community Life At Brantham Xylonite Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves conclude their oral history of Brantham Xylonite in Suffolk. Figure 1. Childrens’ birthday party at Brantham Introduction In the previous two issues of Plastiquarian we [...]

Ron Copleston, An Engineer's Engineer


I have known Ron Copleston for just a short time, but his reputation as a fine plastics design engineer goes before him. It was a great privilege to be invited by Ron to talk at [...]