People & Polymers

Ron Copleston, An Engineer's Engineer


I have known Ron Copleston for just a short time, but his reputation as a fine plastics design engineer goes before him. It was a great privilege to be invited by Ron to talk at [...]

Hermann Staudinger


This article formed part of the 'Pioneers of Polymers' series published in Shell Polymers between 1977 and 1980. The author, the late Dr Victor Yarsley, was himself at ETH, Zurich, at the time that Staudinger [...]

Chasing The Sunrise Industries


It was my good fortune to come across Tony McLelland at a recent event at the Worshipful Company of Horners. From our conversation it soon became clear that he had an interesting story to tell [...]

The Notebooks of Alexander Parkes 1


Among the collection of Parkesine items given to the Plastics and Rubber Institute by the descendants of Alexander Parkes are notebooks which give a fascinating insight into the mind of the 'father of the plastics [...]