People & Polymers

Hilary Page & Kiddicraft


During the 1930s Hilary Page experimented with moulding plastic toys mainly out of urea-formaldehyde. The result was a range of iconic children’s toys.Hilary Fisher Page was born in 1904 at Sanderstead, Surrey. He was the [...]

Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar


Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar® Dr Susan Mossman of the Science Museum pays tribute to the inventor of Kevlar. When Stephanie Kwolek was born on 31 July 1923, the synthetic plastics industry was still [...]

Some Viscose Personalities Part Two


This concludes the largely sociological description of the operations that led to the establishment of large-scale viscose rayon manufacture (Part 1 appeared in plastiquarlan no. 17). The main commercial story was well covered in the [...]

The Tupperware Burp


Polythene suffers from its own success. The countless daily uses for polythene (polyethylene), from the humble litter bin and gas pipe to the disposable carrier bag and milk bottle, contribute significantly to the public perception [...]