People & Polymers

John Smith, Casemaker


This article was first published in The Photographic Journal in 1995 and then in extended and revised form in Photographica World, no. 74, September 1995, as reproduced here with kind permission. Dr Hannavy continues his [...]

Baekeland And Swinburne Men Of Genius


Just 100 years ago saw the birth of synthetic plastic materials when Baekeland registered, in the United States, a series of patents including his famous “heat and pressure patent”. This new material, ‘Bakelite’, enabled the [...]

Working for Xylonite in Brantham


Working for Xylonite in Brantham Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves continue their fascinating oral history of the Xylonite Brantham site in Suffolk. Figure 1. The Brantham Site in 1950 Introduction In the previous issue of [...]

John Trier : Artist and Crafstman in Horn


I would like to introduce you to the work of a very talented Australian artist and craftsman who produces exceptionally beautiful horn-work. I first met John Trier and his charming wife Virginia in 1995 when [...]