People & Polymers



Faturan Ian Holdsworth and Ibrahim Faraj undertake an investigation into a mythical material. Figure 1. Friedrich Adolf “Fritz” Traun photographed in 1907 Figure 2. String of Faturan prayer beads Try this: Search eBay for Bakelite [...]

John Trier : Artist and Crafstman in Horn


I would like to introduce you to the work of a very talented Australian artist and craftsman who produces exceptionally beautiful horn-work. I first met John Trier and his charming wife Virginia in 1995 when [...]

Hilary Page & Kiddicraft


During the 1930s Hilary Page experimented with moulding plastic toys mainly out of urea-formaldehyde. The result was a range of iconic children’s toys.Hilary Fisher Page was born in 1904 at Sanderstead, Surrey. He was the [...]

Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar


Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar® Dr Susan Mossman of the Science Museum pays tribute to the inventor of Kevlar. When Stephanie Kwolek was born on 31 July 1923, the synthetic plastics industry was still [...]