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The Bogus Butterfly Collector


Camphor and the Early Plastics Industry Percy Rebaul writes: I am particularly grateful to Peter Ashlee and to Plastics & Rubber Weekly for permission to publish this abridged version of an article on one of [...]

Polythene Discovery And Early Development


The discovery of polythene was a major milestone in the story of plastics: indeed, in view of the dominance of the material now in tonnage terms, it might be claimed the most important of all. [...]

Some Notes On Bakelite Corporation


Following his accounts of General Electric Co. and Celanese Corporation in the immediately preceding issues ofplastiquarian, our American author now turns his attention towards Bakelite Corporation and its products. As one who spent nearly 45 [...]

ICI Croydon


The works, situated in Factory Lane, West Croydon, was part of ICI Plastics whose main site was at Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. It made "Mouldrite" phenol/formaldehyde resins of the type commonly known as "Bakelite" [...]