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The Timpo Trail


Originally called Timpo (Manufacturers ) Limited, the firm of Model Toys Limited produced some very fine examples of plastics toy soldiers. Their use of plastics started during the mid 1950s by converting some of their [...]

The Poppit Experience


More and more the serendipity factor is seen to come to the fore as we investigate the history of the development of plastics materials and their applications. Poppit polyethylene interlocking beads - which like many [...]

The Early History Of The Damard Lacquer Company


The origins and development of Bakelite Ltd. in the UK are well documented, principally through the splendid history of the company by TJ Fielding. Among other historical material that has survived is a typed manuscript [...]

Horners Corner – Buttons And Bows


When reading about ancient technologies that were practised for millennia by our ancestors, one is struck by their resourcefulness in adapting the raw material that was available. They observed and experimented, and gradually improved their [...]