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Faturan Ian Holdsworth and Ibrahim Faraj undertake an investigation into a mythical material. Figure 1. Friedrich Adolf “Fritz” Traun photographed in 1907 Figure 2. String of Faturan prayer beads Try this: Search eBay for Bakelite [...]

Rutland Plastics


Rutland Plastics PHS Chairman Steve Akhurst reports on Rutland Plastics. Figure 1. An early company van. Note the old format telephone number. From the smallest English county comes a story of enterprise, ingenuity and perseverance. [...]

The Early Years Of Artificial Fibres


Natural fibres such as wool, cotton and flax have an ancient history. Other natural but unusual fibres utilised have included spiders' webs, and of course the cocoon filament of the silkworm turned into luxurious silk. [...]