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Faturan Ian Holdsworth and Ibrahim Faraj undertake an investigation into a mythical material. Figure 1. Friedrich Adolf “Fritz” Traun photographed in 1907 Figure 2. String of Faturan prayer beads Try this: Search eBay for Bakelite [...]

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Rutland Plastics


Rutland Plastics PHS Chairman Steve Akhurst reports on Rutland Plastics. Figure 1. An early company van. Note the old format telephone number. From the smallest English county comes a story of enterprise, ingenuity and perseverance. [...]

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The Building Of An Industry


A PERSONAL VIEW OF A FAMILY BUSINESS Percy Reboul writes: 'It is a particular pleasure to be able to feature in this issue some memories of the early days of British Xylonite which I recorded [...]

The Building Of An Industry 2016-12-06T05:35:33+00:00