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The Repair of Plastics: Part 1


First of a Two-Part Feature We would all like perfect examples of antique plastics, but often have to make do with blemished pieces, or worse, accept accidental damage that may happen to a prized possession. [...]

From Milk to Manicure Sets: The Casein Process


Casein plastic is noted for its colour and wide range of decorative effects. It was produced in white, delicate pastel shades, vivid hues and black, including metallic and pearl effects. Transparent colours were not generally [...]

The Plastes Story


'Who was Plastes ?' was a Christmas Quiz question, and the only answer given was -'the author of the book 'Plastics In Industry'. Now all is revealed. I started my working life in one of [...]

The Notebooks of Alexander Parkes 1


Among the collection of Parkesine items given to the Plastics and Rubber Institute by the descendants of Alexander Parkes are notebooks which give a fascinating insight into the mind of the 'father of the plastics [...]