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Plastics and Rubber Weekly


John Whitehead, who spent nearly 30 years with the industry’s familiar newspaper Plastics and Rubber Weekly, reports on its half century milestone this year. Figure 1. First day cover – PRW’s first edition in 1964 [...]

Plastics and Rubber Weekly2016-12-06T05:35:45+00:00

My Other Plastic Pal


My Other Plastic Pal Pete Bradley, aka “The BAYKO Man”, details the development of the BAYKO plastic construction toy. Figure 1. Charles Bird Plimpton Charles Bird Plimpton, inventor of the world’s first and finest plastic [...]

My Other Plastic Pal2016-12-06T05:35:45+00:00

Community Life At Brantham Xylonite


Community Life At Brantham Xylonite Carolyn Clark and Dawn Purves conclude their oral history of Brantham Xylonite in Suffolk. Figure 1. Childrens’ birthday party at Brantham Introduction In the previous two issues of Plastiquarian we [...]

Community Life At Brantham Xylonite2016-12-06T05:35:45+00:00

Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar


Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar® Dr Susan Mossman of the Science Museum pays tribute to the inventor of Kevlar. When Stephanie Kwolek was born on 31 July 1923, the synthetic plastics industry was still [...]

Stephanie Kwolek – Lady of Kevlar2016-12-06T05:35:45+00:00